“If we’re only teaching them how to play the sport, then we’re failing them big-time.”

– Mike Berg, Former High School Football Coach


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Are you a CBIM Coach?

CBIM Coaches stand up for respect. They are role models for their athletes and fellow coaches, and are dedicated to developing positive character and leadership. If you believe in empowering your athletes to stand up for integrity, nonviolence, and respect, you are a CBIM Coach.

Are you a CBIM Coach?
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Getting Started

CBIM is specifically developed for coaches to be easily incorporated into your regular coaching strategy and sessions. Here’s how you can prepare for the season.

Readiness Assessment
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Partner with Experts

Connecting with a violence prevention expert in your community can be helpful in providing background on domestic violence, sexual assault, and teen dating abuse.

Get Trained

Attend a coaches clinic in your area facilitated by your community advocate. Learn more about the content you will be discussing and how to deliver it effectively to your athletes.

Review and Prep with the Card Series

Read over the card series and familiarize yourself with the lessons. Think about questions you have and consult with your community advocate..

Coaches Clinics

A Coaches Clinic is a training kick off that can help you practice teaching techniques and learn CBIM program goals and structure. These training tools will help you get ready to start leading the card series curriculum with your athletes.

Coaches Training 
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The Coaches Kit

The Coaches Kit has everything you need to successfully deliver the Coaching Boys Into Men Card Series Curriculum to your athletes. Download the kit and get to know the card series curriculum here.



Coaching Boys Into Men provides surveys and analysis tools to help you gather feedback from athletes and other coaches about the program. By collecting information on program attitudes and behaviors, you’ll be able to better prepare for future seasons.

CBIM Program Evaluation Tools

Ron Barney
District Athletic Director & Coach, San Juan School District





“After implementing CBIM, the school was just a happier and better place for students. Our climate is just a whole different thing compared to most high schools. It’s a pyramid thing; it spreads.”
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