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Leveraging the Power of Sports: CBIM Guiding Principles

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Coaches Kit

Everything you need to successfully deliver the Coaching Boys Into Men Card Series Curriculum to your athletes.


Advocate Toolkit

If you are a CBIM advocate working with a coach or a school to implement the program, these tools can help you organize.




Promo Toolkit

Want to spread the word about CBIM in your community? The Promo Toolkit can help you talk the program up!

101 Clinic Toolkit

This Toolkit contains everything you need to get coaches trained and ready to implement Coaching Boys Into Men at a Coaches Clinic.

Advanced Clinic Toolkit

The Advanced Clinic Toolkit provides CBIM Advocates the tools needed to support coaches with ongoing skills development and multi-year implementation of CBIM.

Toolkit Includes trainings on:

  • Creating Healthy Team Environments for LGBTQ+ Athletes
  • Coaching Practices to Address Racism in Sports
  • Coaching Consent and Boundaries
  • Coaching Healthy Conflict, Breakups, and Rejection
  • Survivor-Centered Approaches to Discussing Sexual Assault
  • And a Guide to Leveraging CBIM Peer Leaders



Evaluation Toolkit

If you’re interested in how Coaching Boys Into Men transforms the culture of a school, the Evaluation Toolkit can help you launch your own program evaluation.


Athletes As Leaders

Athletes As Leaders, created by the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, is a Coaching Boys Into Men complementary program for high school female athletic teams. The program aims to empower female-identified youth to take an active role in promoting healthy relationships and ending sexual violence.


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